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Sep 22, 2007

Voodoo's Introduction to Javascript.pdf

This is another JavaScript introduction, Voodoo's JavaScript Introduction is written by Stefan Koch. In the download page, available format for Voodoo's Javascript Introduction is only HTML and PDF, the easier to read is the PDF format.

Another format is available such as post script document, unfortunately while I checked the URL for download, the current domain is for sale ..

The pdf version is available in 12 parts, if you download it all, it will just occupy about 528KB of your hard disk, it's less than a megabyte. Each part covers one deep topic on Javascript.

Here's the Table of content:

  • Part1 - First steps
    What is JavaScript; JavaScript is not Java!; Running JavaScript ; Embedding JavaScript into a HTML-page; Non-JavaScript browsers; Events Functions
  • Part2
    JavaScript hierarchy; The location-object
  • Part3 - Frames
    Creating frames; Frames and JavaScript; Navigation bars
  • Part4 - Windows and on-the-fly documents
    Creating windows; Closing windows; Creating documents on-the-fly; VRML on-the-fly
  • Part5 - Statusbar and timeouts
    The statusbar; Timeouts; Scroller
  • Part6 - Predefined objects
    The Date-object; The Array-object; Arrays with JavaScript 1.0; The Math-object and random numbers
  • Part7 - Forms
    Validating form input; Checking for certain characters; Submitting form input; How to set the focus to a certain element
  • Part8 - The Image-object
    Images on a web-page; Loading new images; Preloading images; Changing images on user-initiated events
  • Part9 - Layers I
    What are layers?; Creating layers; Layers and JavaScript; Moving layers
  • Part10 - Layers II
    Clipping; Nested layers; Effects with transparent layers
  • Part11 - JS 1.2 event model
    New events; Event object; Event capturing
  • Part12 - Drag & drop
    What is drag & drop?; Mouse events with JavaScript 1.2; MouseDown, MouseMove and MouseUp; Displaying moving objects; Dropping objects Improvements

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